Monday, January 21, 2008

Well checks and SHOTS....Yuck

Ryleigh had her 3 year well visit this morning, just a few months late. She doesn't mind going to the doctor considering she was there so much as a baby. That is, unless, she is getting shots. Which I was NOT about to tell her until the very last minute. She is very attached to her doctor Linda and she was being a little stinker today. She refused to take her clothes off and refused to tinkle in the cup. Being the drama queen she is, she said to me, "But Mama, I just don't belong here." For those of you who don't know High School Musical 2, that is a line from one of the songs. Anyway, it went fine until the nurses came in for her shots. These are almost harder on me than her I think. I handled them much better when she was a baby. She cried and screamed and I even bribed her with gum as a distraction. Didn't work. At least we have another year until she needs more!

On another note, I was looking at airfare the other night for a couple of trips home in June and September and I thought I would check out the fares from MN to Dallas......$170. All you girls in MN, get your butts down here. I need visitors!

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